Simple Ways To Move In The Direction Of What You Love

Finding out who you are in the midst of a busy life doesn't seem intuitive or natural. Whether you love painting, hiking, gardening, writing, or yoga, we leave those enriching life experiences for only after work or on the weekend.

Often, when we begin to seek a stable existence [aka a stable source of income] where our basic needs can be met, we can sometimes lose sight + separate from what it is that we love so dearly.

  • Sometimes we don't have the time to seek what we love.
  • Sometimes we aren't paying attention to what our deepest desires are.
  • Sometimes we aren't honoring life by listening to our intuition.
  • Sometimes we don't want to see what we love. 
  • Sometimes we make excuses. 

Sometimes we are unsure, thus make no movement at all.

What I've found is that everything I love is a constant, regardless if I'm paying attention. If I'm curating a gift box for my aunt's birthday, I'm finding artwork, books, fair trade + flower-infused chocolate, and natural products to gift. Not only do I love sharing these products, but they are also practical and inspiring for the recipient. I also appreciate and honor self-love + self-care, which also presents itself through the gifts I chose.

What we love - what speaks to us on a deeper, subconscious level - reaches for the surface even when we're not even trying. What we love is effortless. We live what we love, whether we know it or not.

Who we truly are is what seeps out when no one is looking. It's also what presents itself when everyone is looking. A balance. It can be some of the most obvious things, yet what we love also shows up in the cobwebbed crevices of life we forget to take notice of.

Sometimes what we love hangs out in the cracks in the wall or stretches out from a crack in the sidewalk like a teeny plant, seeking life and abundance.

What we want... wants us.

We must mindfully coexist with what we seek because often times it is seeking us, too. 

If you don't know what you love, I can guess that you really do.

Look for the common patterns and themes that come up. What you value is what you do + spend money on. Look at where you spend the most energy + money. It will be very telling. 

Once you find what it is that you love, you can begin to cultivate it more and more into your daily life. It is quite a simple process, especially because what you want, wants you, too. What you love naturally bubbles up and begs you to express + explore it.

You might find yourself doing things you've not done before, but when you dig to the core of it you realize that it's because you value travel, adventure, love, self-expression, creativity, compassion. I started this year with an ambitious list of what I wanted to do in 2016.

Simply put, I want to explore more of what I love that I haven't been able to do much of lately: Creating art, reading, writing. I want to create a version of myself that is borne out of what I love most.

This year is all about re-creating myself from what I re-discovered about myself last year. The only way that I could find balance this year is by moving in the direction of what I love most and allowing my intuition to guide my choices. 

Whatever it is, move in the direction of what you love. It will lead you through another layer of yourself, uncovering a new depth you hold within.

Don't let the busyness of life overtake you.

Don't let another year pass by where what you love stays inside your mind.

Choose to make space for what you love when you find it.