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About Kristen Runvik

Hi, I'm Kristen Runvik. I'm a Brand Communications Strategist and I help passionate small business owners create solid brand messaging and craft website copy with heart.


And it all starts with your story.

Why do you do what you do? What are your values? What are your motivations? What excites you? Whether you started your business one year ago or 5 years ago, knowing and owning that: this is how you stand above the rest. 

In the online world today, it’s not enough to slap up a website, write a few pieces of copy, and hope that customers will click on the buy now button. People build relationships with people -- not with companies who talk in “we” speak. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a graphic designer, gluten-free + vegan baker, or a wellness center owner: people want to work with people they like.

That’s why you can’t take a half-assed approach to your online presence. Your website needs to resonate with your ideal customer... because that feeling makes it much easier for them to say yes to whatever you do/make/offer. 


...You’re a likeable person with a mission to bring something beautiful into the world.

My intention is to get to know you, your motivations, your project or business, and your ideal customers. We’ll work together to craft an honest, true-to-you message that highlights what you offer and who you do that for. We’ll craft content that answers questions before they're asked -- because you take care of your customers from beginning to end. We’ll make your people feel heard and supported -- just as if they were sitting with you for a cup of matcha tea or a glass of white wine.

Truly, there’s no difference between online and in-person relationships -- it’s all founded on trust. It just takes a bit more intention to strengthen that online. So please: don’t leave your messaging up to chance.

Kristen Runvik About Page

A little about me

  • I've worked the last 8+ years in digital communications and inbound marketing for SaaS companies, marketing agencies, and nonprofits.
  • I have an unsatiable curiosity and am always learning something new. Right now I'm learning how to relax more 😉 
  • I love helping people + organizations solidify their message online to reach new customers, donors, and clients. My clients are often amazing, world-changing folks who become close friends.
  • I'm an herbalist, with a background in western herbalism. Right now, nettle is my favorite plant ally. I like to keep things deep, rich, and meaningful. 
  • I'm the creator of Lagom Body Co., an everyday all-natural skincare brand. 
  • I find joy in the small things: new calendula blooms in my garden, wild-harvesting cottonwood buds in January, rainbows after a rain shower, and a perfect cup of black coffee.
  • The first time I left the country, I volunteered at a school in Mexico: it changed my life.
  • I've worked remotely for the last 5 years: my role after college was my first and last office job. 
  • My goal is to travel to 1-2 new countries every year. So far, I've traveled to New Zealand, Australia, Cambodia, Thailand, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • I'm based in the Pacific Northwest but I'm a Midwest girl at heart.