Kristen Runvik is a holistic health advocate and educator. She holds certificates in clinical herbalism from Vital Ways School of Holistic Herbalism in Portland, Oregon and is currently earning her Advanced Diploma in Skincare Chemistry from Formula Botanica.

For the last decade, she’s studied medicinal plants through the lens of western herbalism as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine and believes that we are in relationship with plants rather than just using plants for this and plants for that. Plants can be integrated in our lives to build resiliency and true holistic health.

Kristen is also the Founder of Lagom Body Co., a multidimensional skincare and lifestyle brand created to help bring people closer to their bodies and to nature. You can often find Kristen teaching classes and holding gatherings throughout the Portland area as well as offering online workshops. Soon, Kristen will also offer holistic work/life wellness coaching for entrepreneurs and professionals.