Kristen Runvik
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Hello! I'm Kristen Runvik: Life Enthusiast, Dreamer, Writer, Herbalist + Artist.


I'm on a quest to uncover the best version of me.


It doesn't mean I'm not content with who I am. On the contrary, I'm seeking a deeper connection with my inner world so that I can show up fully as myself in this life. That means I'm constantly daydreaming, writing, traveling, connecting, and creating.

It's a never-ending adventure that I wouldn't trade for anything.

In a very practical way, I'm currently removing my life from public view on social media. That's why I'm reviving this space: so I can start taking more intentional time for my thoughts and ideas to flourish.

Here's what I'm thinking about lately.


Life is filled with small daily pleasures. For me, enjoying a cup of hot black coffee brings me happiness. It's the ritual of taking time for myself that keeps me coming back for more.


We live in a more connected world than ever. But I believe that digital connection contributes to a more disconnected world between people as well as yourself. I'm intentionally separating myself from the voices on social media so that I can hear my own. 


Is our gut feeling actually intuition? Or is fear and anxiety around a question we have? I'm always wondering and thinking around that idea while using tools like oracle cards and meditation to find my way.


Living a creative life doesn't mean that you make art. Instead, it's the way you look at and approach challenges. When faced with the hard stuff, do you see it in black and white? Or do you see something that requires a resourceful, playful, and flexible mind? In every situation, I'm looking for something that's way beyond Plan B.